Dana White’s Outburst Over Steve Mazzagatti’s Reffing


Dana White has another problem with Steve Mazzagatti’s reffing and it’s not even in his promotion.

White has always been very vocal about mistakes and problems with refs in his promotion. Particularly he’s been very vocal about Steve Mazzagatti and some of the calls he’s made in the past. A ref’s call can really change a fighter’s career long-term.

This time his outburst over Mazzagatti doesn’t even take place in his own promotion, UFC. Instead it’s from the World Series of Fighting 3 card. Jon Fitch went up against Josh Burkman. Burkman had Fitch locked up in a guillotine choke and went unconscious, Burkman let go of him and was standing over him before Mazzagatti could even check on Fitch’s condition!

Here’s what White had to say:

“Does anyone disagree with me that Mazzagatti’s a (expletive) toolbox?  I mean he literally did nothing. Literally when (Fitch) goes limp, he goes limp, he’s out and then (Burkman) rolls him (expletive) over, lets his head (expletive) flop to the thing and then stands up over him.  He’s literally like this standing up over him before Mazzagatti even (expletive) gets in the picture. The Nevada State Athletic Commission is going to keep this (expletive) guy around until he seriously hurt somebody.  That guy is dangerous.  He’s dangerous,” White stated. “It’s disgusting.  At what point do you realize that this guy is an incompetent fool and he’s going to hurt somebody. I wonder what’s going to happen when somebody gets seriously hurt in a Mazzagatti fight.  What are they going to write it off to?  Anything can happen?  This is a combat sport and anything can happen? This guy is dangerous.”

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has a number of referees in a pool and Mazzagatti is one of them. Whenever a fight comes to the state they just pull one out of their pool. The promotions have no say in who the ref can be.

Now with White saying what he has he believes that the commission will react with placing Mazzagatti in charge of the UFC 162 Anderson Silva bout. The only way out of that is if the fighters of that bout have a problem with the referee.

White did mention he didn’t have a problem with Mazzagatti personally, just his refereeing skills

“The guy shouldn’t eve be watching MMA on television, let alone (expletive) reffing it.”