Roy Nelson Returning To UFC?


Dana White is still unsure about Roy Nelson coming to the UFC.

After his bout at UFC 161 that ended in Nelson losing, that could have been our last time seeing Big Country fight in the UFC. Although Nelson did break a record of taking the most damage without going out in a bout. Guess he went out with a bang.

This being Nelsons last contractual fight with the UFC, Nelson is now considered a free-agent. Maybe he’ll be moving over to Bellator or ONE FC? A handful of other fighters like Rampage have done so.

The negotiations have started with UFC though, Nelson’s manager Mike Kogan said, “the UFC has made an offer, and we considered it and we didn’t feel it was in the range Roy would feel comfortable fighting.” This is only the beginning of the negotiations so don’t rule UFC out just yet.

Of course there’s Nelson’s and Dana White’s relationship that hasn’t exactly been the best throughout his stay with UFC, Neither of them seeing eye to eye on a lot of things. Who could forget when Big Country took out YouTube sensation Kimbo Slice climbed up the cage, points at White and says, “go get me a cheeseburger.” Don’t think thats something you wanna be doing to the guy that created the promotion you’re fighting in.

White has carried that little incident around with him ever sense, making their relationship rocky even when working on TUF together. Now we all know that your popularity has a big role in the UFC, this could be the thing that gets Nelson a chance to stay but we also know how White’s personal feelings seem to get in the way of that at times. So it might be safe to say that that was the last time we’ll see Big Country in the octagon.