Dana White Explains Why He Picked Gustafsson Over Machida


Dana White is a man that tried to give back to the fans. When Machida defeated Dan Henderson at UFC 157 and was awarded the next shot at Jon Jones. Most of us were thinking why? We’ve already seen this bout before and there’s nothing to make us believe that it would end up being a different result. Sure Machida looked good in the first round, but then Jones came into his own and demolished the former UFC light heavyweight champion.

He recently explained to MMAfighting during the UFC 161 pre-fight conference on why Gustafsson got the nod over the man known as “The Dragon”.

“I said that we will give the fight to Lyoto Machida but, Jon Jones was like, ‘I annihilated Machida, I already fought Machida, I annihilated him, and I’ve never fought Gustafsson — me and Gustafsson have some beef and that’s the fight I really want.'”

This match is considerably better then a rematch that no one is asking to see, but it begs the question. Should fighters be able to hand pick their opponents? We have seen this happen a lot lately.

Georges St. Pierre passed on fighting Johny Hendricks to defend his title against Nick Diaz at UFC 158. Diaz had already lost his previous bout against Carlos Condit at UFC 143 and was finishing serving up his one year suspension for marijuana use.

What do you guys think? Should champions hand pick their opponents because of a grudge or should they just let Dana White and Joe Silva do their job and pick the best opponents available for them?