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Josh Thomson on Gay Rights: Lightweight For A Reason. Can’t Hang With The Big Boys Of Debate!


Well folks there’s “bullshit” and there’s “bullshit”…  This my friends and fans is 100% pure, open pasture, BULL SHIT.

Ahhh the sweet smell, how familiar, how aromatic, how completely useless…  except of course when farming, which is perhaps just what Mr. Josh Thomson should consider doing with his career now.  The man is a veritable fountain of fertilizer that apparently never ceases.  The cornucopia of spin spam…  Oh yes and let’s not forget the ever amazing press team that was able to dress up this crap fest of a press nightmare into a first class affair the likes of whom the Planters Peanut Man wouldn’t dare miss.

So after getting a healthy dose of reality from the fans and media on Mr. Thomson’s genius commentary on gay marriage he folded like a cheap deck of cards, admonishing any claim that he is against it.  Apparently, his comments were simply meant to “provoke discussion…” Well that they did…

It’s an old adage, “There’s no such thing as bad press.”, well one could also say your (bull) shit doesn’t smell like roses, no matter how much Glade you spray on those pretty little patties.

And that ladies and gentlemen is a wrap…

Oh but wait, who do you think will be the next MMA fighter to come out and bash gay marriage just to grab a few pathetic headlines?

Incidentally, and you didn’t hear this from us, but based on our expert sources, it’s highly likely support for same sex marriage would be an absolute barn burner if a prospective honeymoon between Arianny Celeste and Brittany Palmer were televised on PPV.

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