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California Says No To TRT


TRT or Testosterone Replacement Therapy has been one of the more controversial topics in all of mixed martial arts lately. Should fighters be able to use this to gain an advantage against their opponents? Looks like the California athletic commissions is done with all of the drama and is just saying no to it altogether.

Fighters Dan Henderson, Chael Sonnen, Frank Mir, and Vitor Belfort have all received exemptions for their use of TRT during their recent bouts. It gives them the advantage of fighter in their later years but still competing as if they’re in the prime of their career.

Dana White has publicly stated that he’s currently against the use of it. Jon Jones and Benson Henderson have also given their input. But until the commissions do anything about it. They’re free to do so.

With California being the first state to say no to TRT use, will other state commissions do the same? The Nevada athletic commission has been the most controversial of them all. Suspending Nick Diaz for his use of marijuana for a year but suspending other fighters for only 6 months for their use or steroids or TRT. Now might be the time to jump on the California bandwagon.

Will TRT be non existant in the UFC? Probably not. That doesn’t mean other commissions can’t take a stance against just like California has decided to do.

What is your thoughts on this? Is California doing the right thing by discontinuing the use of TRT or should fighters just be allowed to use it?