Can Sergio Pettis Follow His Brother’s Footsteps?


Anthony Pettis is one of the best fighters on the planet. He’s unique style excites fans and he always “brings it” while competing in the octagon. His little brother Sergio Pettis is currently making his way up the ranks in the regional circuit. Hoping one day he will join the elite of the UFC and work his way up to contender status just like his big bro.

Next week, Pettis was supposed to fight against MMA veteran Jeff Curran but unfortunately Curran got injured. He’s now competing against Dillard Pegg. A win over Curran would prove that he’s ready to make his way to the octagon. He’s 7-0 as a professional mixed martial artist and if he keeps winning, there’s no doubt that he will fight in the UFC.

He’s already proven that he’s not trying to be his brother. Anthony’s style is very explosive and innovative. His “Showtime” kick is still one of the most talked about moves that ever transpired in MMA.

That’s not the style of Sergio Pettis. He knows what it takes to win and take a more methodical approach in his fights. Maybe one day we’ll see a “Showtime” kick from the younger Pettis brother.

The UFC flyweight division is currently one of the least stacked out there. With the name recognition that Sergio Pettis has. One or two solid wins would give him a chance to compete for the Flyweight title. With a division still looking to finds its identity. Pettis could be the one to help give it the recognition it deserves.