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UFC and TRT: What’s All The Fuss About?


It’s rare if you don’t hear about a fighter have testosterone replacement therapy. It’s become a common occurrence amoung fighters in the UFC.

It’s been a huge debate and issue for years now because most people call it cheating. Others don’t seem to have a problem wit it and then you’ve got the ones that just can’t decide. But does it give an edge to those fighters that are taking it?

That all depends on if the fighter actually has low testosterone levels. If so, then it just brings the fighter back up to the normal threshold and equal with everyone else. So no edge.

Of course that’s not always the case with this sort of thing. People are going to find loopholes and work around the system, taking TRT when they don’t have low levels. Doing this does give an edge. MMA fighters will raise their levels way above the normal threshold during training, then drop them just before their fights so the tests come out clean.

It was a little fishy when so many fighters started to have “low levels” in the sport when this only happens to about 1% in males between the ages of 18-40. What, the 1% of males just happen to do MMA? Ya right.

What’s interesting also is UFC has some how failed to notice this trend and hasn’t enacted any policies aimed to stopping the abuse of this treatment down to the fighters that actually need this.

Take Chael Sonnen and his bout with “The Spider,” he tested with elevated testosterone levels but that fight brought in so much money the UFC looked away. Then Pat Healy tests positive for marijuana and gets fined $130,000. Sonnen got to keep his $60,000 in bonus’s.

But you can’t put full blame on the fighters, the UFC has a lack of regulatory procedures for this sort of thing.

If TRT is monitored properly, it’s going to be hard to get a competitive edge from usage and Dana White has now vowed to stop fighters from abusing the system. We’ll see.