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Mark Hunt Reveals Graphic Staph Infection (Warning Graphic Images & Video)


Mark Hunt has received an unfortunate string of luck as of late. First he broke his toe during his recent knock out loss to Junior dos Santos at UFC 160. Now it looks like he’s got another thing to worry about. Hunt released  graphic video of his leg after a recent surgery. He received a staph infection after his bout at UFC 160 and it doesn’t look good.

The video shows exactly how infected the leg has become and how much tissue they had to remove to ensure the infection doesn’t get into any major veins or arteries. Staph infections are common however they can be extremely dangerous depending on the specific strain of bacteria you’ve come into contact with. serious and should never be taken lightly.

This example brings up a good opportunity to mention the extreme importance of pre and post fight hygiene.  It’s tempting to think we are all tough and maybe even somewhat invincible as fighters but there’s no shame in making sure all your bruises and wounds are cleaned properly.  Many wrestlers and combat sport athletes take precautions like scrubbing down before and after a fight with a strong antibacterial cleanser.  In our experience many sports medicine and infectious disease doctors will advise the use of a Chlorhexidine Gluconate based cleanser.

Chhlorhexidine cleansers like those manufactured by Mölnlycke Health Care provide broad spectrum protection against many bacteria (including methyl resistant staph) known to be both dangerous and sometimes deadly to humans and animals alike.  Chlorhexidine based pre-operative washes are used (along with other protective measures) to sterilize medical practitioners hands and forearms prior to engaging in a surgical procedure.  You can learn more about these products by going to the manufacturers website or doing some independent research online.

As always, safety first, so keep the fights (or fighters) clean!