Anthony Pettis Is ‘Cutting In Line’


Anthony Pettis and Jose Aldo is a fight that everyone is for. But does it make sense in the grand scheme of things?

Pettis is ‘cutting in line’. Atleast that’s what Aldo thinks:

“There are already various contenders within the weight class. If someone just shows up and immediately challenges for the belt, he’s cutting in line, and everyone sees that. I don’t think it’s fair. I think if you’re going to drop down, then prove yourself by first having great fights within the weight class, and then you’ve earned the right to fight for the belt. That’s how I think. But since we’re already booked, no problem. I’ll just go and win that fight.”

What’s interesting about this is what Aldo plans to do with his future. He’s stooping down to everyone else’s level:

“If everyone is cutting in line, I might as well do the same thing. I’d like to move up one division and have an immediate title shot. We took the Pettis fight with this in mind. It’s [set]. Exactly. We put that in (the contract). It’s black and white. When we accepted the Pettis fight, we brought that up right away. Since everyone wants to cut into our line, let’s cut into theirs too.”

No matter what comes out of this bout between the two men, you can bet that they’ll both be heading into the UFC lightweight as soon as they can. If everyone else is doing it why can’t they?