Jose Aldo Wants Lightweight Title Shot Next


Jose Aldo is joining the latest trend in the UFC. Going up or down in weight and competing for another title. We’ve seen fighters Chael Sonnen, Frankie Edgar, and Vitor Belfort all try their hand at competing at a different weight class for an immediate title shot. Anthony Pettis, Aldo’s opponent, is a natural lightweight deciding to move down to featherweight to win his first taste of UFC gold. Aldo believes that if Edgar and Pettis can do it. Then he should be able to do it as well.

“If everyone is cutting in line, I might as well do the same thing … I’d like to move up one division and have an immediate title shot. We took the Pettis fight with this in mind. It’s [set]. Exactly. We put that in. It’s black and white. When we accepted the Pettis fight, we brought that up right away. Since everyone wants to cut into our line, let’s cut into theirs too.”

There are plenty of challenges for Aldo if he gets past Pettis at UFC 163 in Brazil. Ricardo Lamas and Chan Sung Jung do battle in July in a bout that will surely decide a number one contender towards the division. There’s also wrestler powerhouse Chad Mendes making his way back up the ladder for another shot at gold.

Is the UFC willing to create a log jam for their featherweight and lightweight contenders for a superfight? The UFC has done it before with Georges St. Pierre and BJ Penn at UFC 94. If Aldo’s statements are correct, looks like we will be seeing another superfight in the making. That’s if he’s victorious.