Chael Sonnen Says He Knew About UFC 151


Chael Sonnen is back to is old ways. His gift of gab has been well documented over the years. Earning himself a title shot against Jon Jones that fans feel was extremely undeserved. Going back to the dilemma that was the cancellation of UFC 151. Chael recently stated that he knew of Henderson’s injury and was training for Jones before UFC 151.

“You know, it really got put together through Little Nog’s cowardice,” Sonnen said. “I’ve been training for Shogun for a while. I knew this was going to happen. This kind of reminds me of the time me and Dan Henderson set up Jon Jones on eight days’ notice.”

Sonnen then turned to the camera and said, “he finally admitted it.”

Chael stepped up to take on Jones in the main event of UFC 151. Dan Henderson was injured and they needed a replacement with an eight days notice. Did Chael really know? Dan Henderson’s manager says no.

“Chael didn’t know anything about it,” he said. “He had definitely not been training at all. My guys told me that Greg Jones said in an interview that Chael was down training with me and getting ready for the fight and knew I was hurt. It was nothing like that at all. He wasn’t even down here. I asked him if he wanted to come down and help me train a couple months ago, but he didn’t come down.”

“Everybody’s saying that Chael knew about Dan being hurt, that’s why he was talking about Jon. No, Chael was talking about Jon because Jon is the 205-pound champion and that is where Chael is shooting for; that’s who he wants to fight.”

Is Chael just saying these accusations to keep him in the spotlight or is he telling the truth?

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