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Dan Henderson Says Jon Jones Is “Not Genuine”


UFC vet Dan Henderson would love to fight Light Heavyweight Jon Jones.

Henderson is on the wrong side of 40 but still thinks if he gets a chance to take on Jones, he can take him out.

When speaking to the media he mentioned that Jones couldn’t fool the average MMA fan and that he isn’t what he portrays in the public light. Henderson was asked who he’d like to fight more, Jones or Silva, his answer was this:

“I’d like to fight Jon Jones more than I’d like to fight Anderson Silva. Just because I have less respect for him as a person than Anderson. He’s not genuine. I think how he portrays himself is not how he really is. I think the fans have picked up on how he really is, as well.”

There’s been no rebuttal yet from Jones but I’m sure the rivalry between the two will resume in a more physical manner.

When asked what Henderson meant by Jones not being genuine he said, “A lot of it is probably because he’s young and he got catapulted into the public eye, and he’s trying to portray himself in a different way. But he should just be himself.”

The two were meant to go head to head at UFC 151 just before a knee injury became the cause of the first card to be canceled ever. Henderson and Jones both blamed each other of course.