Roy Jones Jr. Accepts Anderson Silva’s Challenge


Roy Jones Jr. looks like he’s willing to challenge himself against arguably the greatest mixed martial arts of all time. Anderson Silva. He recently discussed his thoughts going against the UFC middleweight champion and how’d he fare with TMZ.

“I don’t like wasting time. I don’t want to talk about something that’s not going to happen so if you want to do it, I would love to do it. Of course if we’re going to do it shortly, if it’s two, three years down the line I can’t make no promise. But if we’re going to do it immediately right away like after the next fight, then it can happen.”

Roy Jones Jr. is one of the best boxers of all time. He’s not getting any younger though, he’s currently 44 years old and it makes sense for him to want the bout with Silva as soon as possible.

Will we ever see these two legend compete against each other. Unfortunately not, Anderson just signed a new 10 fight contract with the UFC. I’m sure they wouldn’t want one of their biggest stars migrating over to boxing.

You never know, maybe Dana White will have a change of heart.