Can MMA Fighters Lay The Smackdown On Pro Wrestling?


Lately, the trend seems to be that MMA fighters are also making their way to professional wrestling. We are not talking about Brock Lesnar here. He competed in the WWE long before he made his way to the Octagon. Muhammad “King Mo” Lawal and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson both signed contracts to work with Bellator and TNA wrestling. Will it pay off for them in the long run?

Both are two different forms of entertainment. Mixed Martial Arts is obviously real and professional wrestling is fake. Let’s just get one out of the way here. MMA fighters spend years trying to perfect their boxing, muay thai, jiu jitsu, and wrestling to become the best fighter on the planet. Hopes of one day making it to the bigger shows like UFC or Bellator.

Professional wrestlers do the same. They spend years trying to harnest their craft to one day join organizations WWE and TNA. Working on their larger than life personalities to be able to get the crowd to either love them or hate them. Both are different in certain ways, but similar in others.

I’m not saying that every fighter can make the transition from UFC to professional wrestling. But with guys with egos like Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal, they have the perfect ability to get a crowd on their side. WWE and TNA wrestling may be kayfabe but adding the additions of Rampage and King Mo will add more depth and continue to glue eyes to the TV.

Will we ever see someone like Chris Weidman or Yushin Okami in the squared circle? Probably not. That doesn’t mean that someone like Chael Sonnen wont try his hand at it.

Can MMA fighters lay the smackdown on professional wrestling? Absolutely. They just have to start fresh and work on perfecting a new hone of skills. Rampage and King Mo can be successful competing in different forms of entertainment. We will have to wait and see if they come out on top.