Roy Nelson: Man Of The People


Roy Nelson continues to make a name for himself in the UFC being known as “The People’s Champion” and stepped up to help Zuffa when the UFC was in desperate need of some star power for their next card.

Nelson currently has a three-fight winning streak and has a chance to make it four against Stipe Miocic. Miocic is currently unranked according to the UFC rankings but is by no means a slouch.

Nelson wanted to fight against Daniel Cormier but supposedly DC turned down the bout. Roy Nelson’s words. He understands that when the UFC calls, you answer. He wants to fight and this was the fight that was presented to him.

When it comes to the heavyweights in the UFC, Nelson believes that all are capable of becoming UFC champions and he thinks he’s a future champion himself. He’s not scared of any heavyweight on the roster and he is certain that he can knock everyone out. You can’t blame him for his assessment. He’s looked amazing his past three fights but he needs to defeat an elite fighter to move to title contention.

Roy Nelson is going to continue to help the UFC anyway that he can. A fighter who is willing to step to help our their organization sounds like a company man to me.