Super-Brand Pretorian Gets Blacklisted From UFC


The VERY popular Brazilian MMA brand Pretorian’s been banned for the Octagon!

A memo was sent out to all MMA managers stating the UFC would no longer be permitting the use of the Pretorian brand and its associated logos inside the Octagon and during the fighters official UFC undertakings.

There wasn’t any official reason as to why the brand’s been banned. But remember, this is the UFC, if Dana White can ban the Palms Hotel and Casino from UFC because they wouldn’t give him the line of credit he wanted, he can ban a super-brand without reason.

In the past, brands have been banned for being unable to or unwilling to pay the “sponsor tax” the UFC charges all companies wanting to place their logo on fighters and Octagon during broadcasting.

We have no idea what the tax was set at for Pretorian. Smaller companies get smaller taxes compared to larger ones.