Chael Sonnen Wants To Take Out Shogun


Chael Sonnen has always been a fighter who’s willing to step up on short notice for the UFC. Looks like he’s willing to step up again. News recently came out that Antonio Rogerio Nogueira is out of UFC 161 against Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, due to a back injury. Sonnen stated on Twitter that he’s willing to step up and take on the former UFC light heavyweight champion.

Chael offered his services back at UFC 151. Dan Henderson was scheduled to compete against Jon Jones but was unable to. With only eight days notice, Chael said he’d take the fight to Jones. Jones decided to withdrawal from the event and it was instead cancelled.

A fight with Shogun makes sense for both fighters. They are both fairly popular fighters but are not contending for a world title anytime soon. Chael Sonnen has stated a great amount of disrespect towards Brazil and I’m sure Shogun would love to shut up “The American Gangster.”

It originally sounded like Sonnen would be competing against Wanderlei Silva next. The talk has slowly died down as of late. Chael is always looking for the fights that’ll provide him with a hefty paycheck and Shogun can definitely provide that.

Will this fight take place? If they’re looking to provide UFC 161 with more star power, Chael is available and willing to step up. Make the fight Dana White. Make the fight.