Are Thiago Silva And Rafael Cavalcante Fighting For Their Jobs?


Both Thiago Silva and Rafael Cavalcante are competing in the co-main event of UFC on Fuel TV 10. They are two fighters who’ve had a lot of negative publicity brought their way due to stupid mistakes they’ve made.

Both competitors have tested positive for substances that are banned from the commissions. Silva even went as far as to cover up his urine with animal urine, to help his chances at passing. Didn’t work out that way. Both are coming off suspensions and are looking to right their own wrong in this fight.

Do these fighters even deserve to be in the UFC right now?

Cavalcante you could say deserves a chance. He is only made one mistake and people do deserve second chances. The problem with Silva is that he’s tested positive for steroids once and recently tested positive for marijuana. The UFC isn’t doing a solid job of controlling their fighters. Marijuana is a questionable drug because the fact is that it doesn’t enhance performance. We don’t make the rules, the commissions do.

Silva and Cavalcante’s popularity have dropped over the years and unless they put on a “fight of the year” candidate performance at UFC on Fuel TV 10. You can rest assure that the loser will find to find a new home to call their own.