Olympic Wrestling Still Has A Tiny Chance!


The 2020 Olympic Games just might have wrestling in them after all!

The IOC executive board announced that three sports are finalists for being included in the 2020 games, one of them being wrestling. The others being baseball/softball and squash. (still confused on the last one…)

This was something huge for wrestling to overcome and make it in the top three, but it’s not home safe just yet. There’s no guarantee that ANY of the sports will get chosen. The IOC will meet again in September in Argentina to make the final decision.

To get into the 2020 Olympic games wrestling needs a majority vote from the IOC’s 100 plus members, which doesn’t seem like a huge ordeal. Until then just keep up the support for a sport that should never have been taken out of the Olympics to begin with.

The rules have changed a bit in the sport and have really made it interesting to watch. This rule change probably has a big weigh on the decision of the IOC as well.

What do you think: Squash or Wrestling?