Dana Wants BJ Penn To Retire


BJ Penn is considered to be one of the greatest champions in the history of the UFC. He is one of only two people to win the UFC title in two separate weight divisions. Looks like Dana White wants him to retire from the sport of mixed martial arts and and stop from causing serious injury to himself.

BJ Penn first won UFC gold by defeating Matt Hughes at UFC 46. Coming in as a heavy underdog, he was able to quiet a lot of his critics by submitting the champion in 4:36 of round one.

A couple of years later, he was able to win the UFC lightweight championship as well. Defeating Joe Stevenson in a gruesome and bloody battle to win the belt. He cemented his legacy as a hall of famer and a true legend that night by staking claim to two different championships during his time in the UFC.

BJ Penn was never the type of fighter who knew when to quit. He was always known to be a fighter that always wanted to challenge himself. If that meant going up in weight to pursue challenges, then he was always down for a scrap.

BJ Penn has competed with some of the best of all time. Competing against Matt Hughes, Georges St. Pierre, Frankie Edgar, Renzo Gracie, and Lyoto Machida. There is no denying his place in this sport but Dana White might be right. It may be time to move on.

BJ Penn doesn’t want to make the cut to lightweight. He’s giving up roughly 30 pounds every time he steps in the octagon. Nick Diaz and Rory MacDonald both proved they were too much for the Hawaiian. Even if he makes the jump back to lightweight. Will it fair any better for him?

The lightweight division is as stacked as ever. When BJ Penn was the champion, his challengers were Kenny Florian, Sean Sherk, and Diego Sanchez. The competitors we have now are more advanced and true mixed martial artists.

BJ, we all love how much effect you’ve had in the MMA community. Take a seat back and enjoy the crop of new fighters and eventually your hall of fame induction. There’s nothing wrong with retiring when the time is right and that time is now.