Legalize MMA In New York: The Saga Continues


It’s already been a long fight trying to get MMA legalized in New York.

As soon as they think they’re getting close to making the deal, something comes up and pushes it back down again. This time it could be thanks to a sexual harrassment complaint against Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. Seems he’s upset a very large women’s group that also opposes the legalization of MMA in the state of New York.


In theory Silver will vote against the legalization of MMA to help his rep with the women’s groups.

Part of the article:

Women’s groups that have long opposed the sport, calling it sexist and barbaric, are upset at Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver for his mishandling of sexual harassment complaints against [Vito] Lopez.

A source close to Silver said passing a mixed martial arts law now might further inflame the women’s groups — as well as exacerbate tensions between Silver and several assemblywomen that have developed since the scandal.

“I don’t think this is the year,” the source said. “I think it’s unlikely.”

This is all a political maneuver and know one really knows what’s going to happen or how to read the situation.

It’s possible the delay is some kind of defense maneuver to the women’s groups. Maybe the assembly just doesn’t want to legalize the sport and this is an excuse not to do that. Or this whole thing goes the other way and MMA gets legalized in New York since it’s bound to happen sooner or later.

And so the saga continues on…