Something Old, Something New, Something “Blood Red”: Spinning Back Kick In MMA?


MMA seems like it’s been married to the same striking formula for over a decade and yet now some fighters are breaking the trend by engaging a new move” The Spinning Back Kick.  Uriah Hall, Vitor Belfort and Junior Dos Santos have all implemented the spinning back kick with a very successful outcome.

Uriah Hall was a relatively unknown commodity prior to his stint on The Ultimate Fighter season 17. That all changed when he was able to execute a perfectly timed spinning back kick on Adam Cella that left fans and media speechless. It was a career defining moment for Hall. Although he was unable to win the season championship, he left a lasting impression on everyone who witnessed the kick that night.

Vitor Belfort has made a name for himself being the number one contender for the ufc middleweight championship. Defeating Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold, in his last two bouts, was impressive enough, but ending both of the fights with spinning back kicks just gave the finish that extra snap that fans have been clamoring for?

Junior dos Santos proved at UFC 160 this past weekend that even the big boys can do some extraordinary things. Going into the third round against Mark Hunt, he took Hunt down with a perfectly timed spinning back kick that instantly finished the fight.

It’s been great to see these traditionally old martial arts moves get new life under the MMA spotlight.  Let’s hope we continue to see this trend grow and evolve!