Top 5 MMA Trilogy Fights


Trilogy fights are something everyone loves to see. Here’s some of our picks.


1. Lets go back to 2001, Kazushi Sakuraba is the closet thing to God in Japan and Wanderlei Silva isn’t known as the devastating striker he is today. Silva was a star on the rise knocking out everyone in his path but people still believed Sakuraba would take him out with ease.

The first time they met Silva took out Sakuraba with a soccer kick putting his name on the maps in a major way. The second time, eight months later, the bout decided who would be the PRIDE middleweight champion. Sakuraba had a broken clavicle and withdrew after the first round.

The third time around, two years later, Silva and Sakuraba faced off and Silva finished the Japanese hero in five minutes at the PRIDE Middleweight Grand Prix in 2003.


2. Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell are two names that’ll go down in UFC history.

The first encounter between the two was highly competitive going into the third round. Couture was controlling Liddell just before he’d hand him his first TKO defeat and making him the first man to hold gold at light heavyweight and heavyweight.

The second time around the two were coaches on the popular reality series “The Ultimate Fighter.” In the end Team Liddell came out on top and it followed over to his bout with Couture with a TKO to capture the light heavyweight championship.

The third and final time was ten months later with Liddell again knocking out Couture in the first round to finish out the trilogy.


3. One of the biggest feuds not only in MMA but sports in general is Ken Shamrock vs Tito Ortiz.

It all started back at UFC 40 when Ortiz won by technical knockout in the corner stoppage of the third round. This got Ortiz the Light heavyweight championship belt. The second time after “The Ultimate Fighter 3” at UFC 61 Ortiz won again with another technical knockout in the first round. Finally Ortiz took the third win to finish off the trilogy with another technical knockout in the first round.


4. When Frank Mir had his tragic motorcycle accident in 2004, the battle between Tim Sylvia and Andrei Arlovski began.

The first encounter Arlovski submitted Sylvia in the first round making him the Interim UFC Heavyweight Champ. The second time Sylvia stopped Arlovski with a TKO in the first round. Finally neither of the men were able to finish off each other in their third bout. But in the end Tim Sylvia won the unanimous decision making him the heavyweight champion.


5. George St-Pierre and Matt Hughes is a trilogy to never be forgotten.

The two faced off the first time with Hughes submitting GSP with an arm bar with only one second remaining in the first round.  The second time GSP took out Hughes with a first round TKO stoppage making it a huge upset int he Welterweight division. The last time GSP stepped up with three weeks notice and submitted Hughes in the second round.