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The Power Of The Leg Kick


Leg kicks are crucial to a fighter’s game plan.

Fighters are becoming more accustomed to the thought of attacking an opponents legs to gain an advantage in a fight. If not done appropriately, leg kicks could end up being your biggest weakness.

Professional mixed martial artists know that boxing and wrestling are considered to be strong foundations when competing in fighting. The tactic of leg kicks help neutralize an opponent and immobilizes them. The fact that the inside or outside of their thigh is in so much pain, that they begin to limp in the cage.

Forrest Griffin was able to win the UFC light heavyweight championship from Quinton “Rampage” Jackson because of the sheer volume of leg kicks he displayed in their title bout at UFC 86.


Jose Aldo showed a brilliant display of leg kicks in his annihilation of Urijah Faber at WEC 48. Battering his legs to the point his thighs were a dark purple. After their bout, you could see the swelling on Urijah Faber’s leg and as he was having problems just walking out of the cage that night.

Leg Kicks don’t necessarily have to be an attack on the body. Kicks that directly hit the jaw of your opponent are much more effective than your standard punch. Proven difficult but also proven effective. BJ Penn, Vitor Belfort, and Mirko Cro Cop have been able to prove that there legs are just as dangerous as their hands. If not more dangerous.

If you’re looking to compete in martial arts, never forget that building a strong foundation in muay thai can prove to be a game changer in your arsenal.