Can Antonio Silva Pull Off The Upset?


Can Antonio Silva win the big one? That’s the big question that has been going on in the fan’s minds for his bout with Cain Velasquez tomorrow night. Many fans think about their first encounter and remember the beating that Silva took and the bloody poetic justice that was put on display by Velasquez.

Most people think that the same result will transpire for Antonio “Big Foot” Silva. What fans need to remember is that anyone can lose a fight. We have seen plenty of miracle upsets throughout the history of the UFC. Who can forget when Randy Couture defeated Tim Sylvia for the heavyweight title back at UFC 68? Randy’s last fight was a knockout loss to Chuck Liddell and he hadn’t competed in a year! Randy was able to shut up all of the critics and put on a show for the crowd in Vegas that night.

Fans also have to remember what exactly happened during their first bout at UFC 146, Silva made the error of going for an outside leg kick against a fighter who’s main base is wrestling. That’s what made the fight all Cain Velasquez. Cain was able to snatch the leg and get the big man down. He cut his nose up with an elbow and then ground and pounded him into a bloody mess.

Could the same thing happen again? Sure, but realistically Silva wont make the same mistake again. This bout will be much more competitive then the first bout. Silva earned his shot at the title by defeating two top ten heavyweight after losing to Cain. The great thing about mixed martial arts is that anybody can win on a given night.

Silva has proven that he excels best when no one expects him to win. If you don’t believe us, ask Alistair Overeem.