Bellator And Their Summer Series: Too Good To Be True?


Bellator is looking to change up their tournament format for their summer series. Instead of their traditional eight man format, they are making it a mini tournament of sorts with only four fighters in a tournament. Which makes us wonder, are they just trying to save their high profile athletes from taking another loss?

Back at Bellator 90, Muhammed “King Mo’ Lawal was the favorite going into his bout with Emanuel Newton. Fans and media alike didn’t give Newton much of a chance going into that fight. King Mo was a former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion and was considered at that time one of the top 15 light heavyweights in the world. Newton was able to knock him out with a beautifully timed spinning back fist.

It seems that Bellator is playing it safe and is hoping that both King Mo and Renato “Babalu” Sobral can win their next upcoming fights. A fight between these two would be huge for the organization. They are the two most popular light heavyweights that Bellator currently has on their roster. The light heavyweight division has always been pretty slim for Bellator and a champion with name recognition would be huge for them.

Are they trying to make it easier for their “all stars”, or do they just not have enough talent in their current roster to have eight man tournaments?

The tournament format helps set them apart from the UFC, which has worked well for them so far. But, if they are just trying to save their high profile fights and disguise them, they might as well just have them fight each other and lose the tournament format all together.