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How Effective Are Pressure Points In A Fight?


Pressure points are effective, but how effective are they when you get into a street fight?

At one point or another most have heard of the ancient, mysterious kung fu master that could knockout an opponent with just the slightest touch of his hand or the Zen master that can kill a man with his finger (The Death Touch). These are some extreme practices of pressure points, real or fable, and not something recommended to try when in a realtime fighting situation-it will probably end really bad for you.

When it comes to using pressure points in a realtime street fight for self defense, time is the biggest factor that you have. You must employ techniques that get an immediate response on your opponent. For this to be a viable option, someone would use level 3 pressure points.

There are three levels of pressure points. Level 1 pressure points are the most common like an arm bar or wrist lock. They are used to inflict pain for your opponent to concentrate more on the pain than you. Level 2 are muscle pressure points. These are designed to get your opponent off of you. It may only give you a small window of about a half of a second to react, but if you know you have that half of a second coming you’ll be able to use it effectively. Level 3 pressure points are guaranteed to work if preformed the proper way. They will daze, knockout, decrease breathing, lower blood pressure and more.

When using a level 3 pressure point effectively in a realtime street fight that is short on time, you need to use a knockout pressure point. This is a complete and sure fire method that will produce immediate and complete loss of consciousness for your opponent. There are two types of knockout pressure points that come into play: Impact knockout pressure points and blood flow knockout pressure points.

Pressure Points Head

Impact knockout pressure points are vital and sensitive anatomical targets that can be hit with your arms, legs or even weapons. This can also be called “Head Hunting” because you’re going to be striking at your opponents head to reach these pressure points. Things you’ll be aiming for are eyes, ears, temple, nose, chin, back of the neck, and the throat. All of these, when impacted by pressure, will cause severe pain and possible unconsciousness if hit correctly.


Blood flow pressure points need deliberate pressure applied to life sustaining points on the body where almost immediate unconsciousness will occur. Take the rear naked choke, this can knock someone out almost immediately. A person can only stay conscious for a few seconds when blood flow is restricted, and between 4 and 6 minutes permanent brain damage will occur due to lack of oxygen to the brain. It’s important to release the choke once you are certain a person is unconscious, this usually only takes a few seconds.

When it comes to a realtime street brawl remember time is of the essence. The faster you can get them down the better it is for you. There’s no reason the fight should go on for a lengthy amount of time; take the shot and get them to the ground safely and efficiently.