Gegard Mousasi Wants A Piece Of The Phenom


Gegard Mousasi is currently rehabbing an injury that he sustained prior to his light heavyweight bout with Ilir Latifi at UFC on Fuel TV 9. There’s a chance that when he comes back to full health, he may end up in different division altogether.

Mousasi discussed his thoughts on a drop in weight class with MMAfighting.

“There’s a big chance that I will go to middleweight. It all depends on the fights that I’m going to get. If I’m going to get a big name at middleweight, I’ll probably go down.”

“To be honest, I believe middleweight will be much better for me. I will give my opponent less advantages. But at the end of the day it’s all about skills. That doesn’t mean that size advantages always win, but like I’ve said, in the highest level, you don’t want to give the slightest edge to your opponent. Everyone is skilled, everyone has abilities. So that’s why I think middleweight will be much more suitable to my body frame”

gegard_mousasi_crop_650x440“It’s all about matchups. Let’s say they’re going to give me somebody like Vitor Belfort that’s maybe a contender. That’s the kind of fight I want.”

Mousasi was a complete monster competing as a middleweight in Dream. If he can continue with his new training regimen, a move to 185 could bode very well for the eager fighter.

The middleweight division looks like it’s gaining some interesting contenders that will make the fights that much more interesting. Whether Mousasi does indeed make the jump to middle weight, eventually competing with the likes of Anderson Silva and Michael Bisping, remains to be seen. We believe, however, we’ll will find out soon enough.

Do you think he will make the jump to middleweight? What weight class best suits him?