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IISEF 2013: 18 Year California Old Girl Mops Up the Floor With (Male & Female) Competition!


It’s a pretty common affair for us to be talking about the latest professional or amateur fighter and how they smashed through their competitors to gain the ultimate prize.  What’s not so common is to hear that story in reference to an 18 year old girl.  Even more rare however is how and in what context.

There are times where certain things deserve special recognition and as people of passion for both science and combat we simply couldn’t pass up sharing this news.

California native Eesha Khare won a $50,000 dollar scholarship at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (IISEF) for an invention that could and likely will, change everyones daily lives on this planet.  What was her invention?  A super capacitor that can effectively charge a cell phone battery in just 20 to 30 seconds!

The same technology that Khare has invented can be used for car batteries as well.  Understanding the impacts of such an invention truly brings appreciation to just how ground breaking it is.  Image driving a batter powered smart car but being limited by the time it takes to constantly refuel the battery.  A technology like this makes refueling that vehicle just as convenient, if not more so, as that of a traditional gas powered car.  And let’s not even talk about how many of us have been frustrated by a dead battery on our cell phone.  Waiting for it to sip up enough charge to power on and perhaps make that one critical phone call!


In just 20-30 seconds it could now be fully charged and ready for another 6 or 8 hours of use!

Oh and yes her invention topped out all 1,600 competitors at the IISEF.  We’d definitely call this one hell of an “Ass Kicking Technology”!


Speaking of, don’t think the tech stops in the consumer sector.  Military branches will be quite appreciative of the ability to charge all the tech gear soldiers must carry on the battle field or even the potential use of this charging technology for fully electric drones that run on battery alone.  Less time to charge means less time lost in war, less expenses and potentially more lives saved.  In summary, the applications for this technology are just now being explored, with it’s original purpose exposed, only time will tell what the future has in store.

Expect us to cover more scientific stories like this as they occur.  Congrats to Eesha!  We are certain she will be making good use of her pending education at Harvard University this Fall.

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