Chael Sonnen No Longer Interested In Wanderlei Silva


Chael Sonnen is no longer pursuing his fight with Wanderlei Silva. This bout could’ve easily have been a strong co-main event or even the main event for UFC on Fox Sports 1. Both fighters are looking to compete in high profile fights, and both are hot commodities for the UFC, but they’re no longer considered title contenders in their respective divisions.

Chael Sonnen recently acknowledged his disinterest with Wanderlei Silva via a release on Twitter.

“I’m not looking for it anymore, I don’t like to bully guys. I tried to fight him, he doesn’t want to fight. I’m not gonna stick a finger in a guy’s chest. If a guy says ‘no,’ I’m not gonna be a jerk about it.”

Is Chael Sonnen done pursuing this money maker of a bout or is Chael Sonnen just being Chael Sonnen.