Vitor Belfort On TRT Questions: Aint Nobody Got Time For That!


Vitor Belfort is certainly one of the more controversial middleweights in the UFC. His recent wins over Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold have been spectacular, but the use of TRT is currently hurting his view as an elite athlete in the UFC.

During the UFC on FX 8 post-fight conference, MMAjunkie reporter John Morgan brought up the discussion of TRT with Vitor Belfort and let’s just say it wasn’t something that Belfort took too kindly.

It’s even being reported that Vitor wanted someone to beat up Morgan because he felt the question was disrespectful.

In his opinion, TRT doesn’t win fights, his speed and knockout power does. For a fighter who’s outspoken about his use of TRT and how he believes its valuable for him as an athlete why is he avoiding the topic instead of advocating it?

What stance should the UFC take on the use of TRT? Was it smart for Vitor Belfort to avoid the question when we all know that he’s using it for athletic performance?