Georges St Pierre Vs Benson Henderson: Must See?


Is Georges St Pierre vs Benson Henderson a super fight that fans would be willing to see? Dana White and the Zuffa brass are trying everything in their power finally make these super mega fights and to help prove who is truly the best fighter on the planet.

We all expected that we would finally see GSP fighting against Anderson Silva. It’s a super fight that fans have been dreaming of. Unfortunately it looks like its a fight that GSP has no interest in. He stated he has a better chance of dropping down to 155 then going up to competing against the middleweight champion.

That leaves the question. Would St. Pierre take the chance of going against lightweight champion Benson Henderson? Benson has been a more controversial champion, to say the least. Everyone of his bouts are extremely competitive and a fight with GSP would be no different.

Benson should be competing at welterweight. It’s amazing how much weight he’s really to cut to get down to lightweight.

They both have work to do before a potential fight can be made official. GSP has Johny Hendricks on deck and Henderson still has a whole division that he needs to clear up. If Benson can clear out the division, then this fight make sense for both of their careers.

  • Benson is no where near GSP look at his two fights with Edgar he LOST now where near GSP caliber

    • Darth_Quivi

      He did not lose to Edgar I am a huge fan of Frankie along as a fan of Benson I watch the fights once a week and Benson did win his strike were more effective and he beat up Frankie. Take downs were even, octagon control was the same but the effectiveness of the strikes that Benson had over Frankie won him the fight.

  • I mean no where GSP level

  • Darth_Quivi

    I do think this would be a great match up stylistically it’s awesome, you have gsp who utilizes his ground game which wins him all his fights pretty effective but really boring, as a fan it gets annoying. GSP vs Benson would be great because when we se Benson on his back or taken down he pops right back up we’ve seen it against Edgar and Guida even against high level wrestlers like Melendez we saw Bensons take down defense improve a lot. On top of that Benson has that awesome submission defense. Striking is awesome for both guys. I believe Benson can win if he doesn’t allow George to get the takedown.