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Mimic Website Taunts Nick Diaz Fans


Nick Diaz recently created a website called nickdiazpromotions.com, it’s a website notifying fans that he’s looking into creating his own MMA promotion “War Mixed Martial Arts.” It looks like an anti-Diaz fan decided to have some with their own version of the site.

Someone created a website mimicking the real one, nickdiazpromotion.com (only one letter off.) When you go to the site it says “Nick Diaz lost to Carlos Condit, get over it.”

Diaz fans are still outraged about his bout with Carlos Condit at UFC 143. Condit won the interim UFC Welterweight champion by defeating Nick in an extremely close affair. Some fans/media alike feel that Diaz was controlling that bout for the 25 minute duration and should’ve been awarded the victor.