Wanderlei Silva Wants To Break Chael Sonnen’s Nose


The war of words continue with Chael P. Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva. Silva recently discussed his thoughts of Sonnen and what would happen if they fought in the octagon.

“I’m training right now and waiting. I have a guy asking are you going to accept a challenge — man, nobody has contacted me officially. The boss don’t call me, so I’m waiting. The probability I knock out Chael Sonnen is very big. Man, everybody knows his game. He is never going to take me down and I’m going to break his nose with my knee.”

This fight makes sense for both fighters in their careers. There’s some definite bad blood between these two, and neither one of them are going to be competing for a UFC title anytime soon.

Both are also two of most popular fighters in the UFC. Pitting them against each other would do nothing but good things for Zuffa.

If the UFC was smart, they would get on this potential money maker of a fight.