Nogueira Brothers Convinced Anderson Silva To Not Retire


Before joining the UFC family, Anderson Silva considered hanging up his gloves and retiring. Thank goodness for the Nogueira brothers, they convinced him to stay in the fight game and to continue to pursue his goals. What would have happened if he never competed in the UFC? Would Rich Franklin still be the middleweight champion of the world?

Anderson revealed this revelation to UFC Tonight.

“The Nogueira brothers are part of my family. I love these guys because they help me stay together with my dream, because one day I talked to Rogerio and Rodrigo and say, ‘No more fight, bro.’ The time Rogerio and Rodrigo talk to me, I no have nothing. My dream was lost. Rodrigo talked to me and said ‘Hey, come to my house, I will help you. Don’t worry. Come to here, train together.’ I finished my contract in PRIDE. I broke the team. I go … the guys talk to me, ‘Hey, you no fight more in PRIDE.’ What? I fight in PRIDE, a good fight. I had no problem with PRIDE, but Rodrigo help me for better fights. I love Rodrigo. I love Rogerio. This is my family.”

Before becoming the greatest martial artist of all time, he did experience some set backs. One in particular was his loss to Ryo Chonan. Chonan was able to defeat Anderson with a flying leg scissors into a heel hook. That was the last time Anderson tasted defeat.