Roy Nelson Willing To Step Up For UFC 160


Roy Nelson is an athlete that loves to compete. He looks like the average man but has the ability to knock out heavyweights like its nothing.  With all of the drama involving Mark Hunt and his visa issues, there’s word coming out that Nelson is currently a standby for UFC 160-just in case Hunt can’t make it to the states.

If Roy competes on the card for UFC 160 it will give him an opportunity to take a shot a UFC title, and also write off one of his losses in the octagon. Nelson competed against Junior Dos Santos at UFC 117 in Oakland, California. Dos Santos defeated Nelson by unanimous decision and then went on to win the UFC Heavyweight championship.

The UFC stated that they believe that Mark Hunt’s visa issues will be resolved in time to make it to UFC 160 and that Hunt will be fighting against Dos Santos

Regardless of Nelson being apart of UFC 160 or not, one thing is certain, his next fight will be against one of the elite in the division.