Pat Healy Fails Marijuana Test, Loses $130,000 In Bonuses


Up until a couple of weeks ago, Pat Healy was on top of the world. Defeating top ten lightweight, Jim Miller, in a thrilling bout at UFC 159. He also took home $130,000 in bonuses ($65,000 for fight of the night and another $65,000 for submission of the night.) All of his hard work had finally paid off with this victory inside the octagon.

Unfortunately his dream moment turned into a nightmare: it was recently announced that Pat Healy tested positive for marijuana for his bout with Jim Miller. Healy released a statement admitting that he did smoke a month before his fight with some friends.

The fight will surely change to a no-contest with Miller. Hopefully he doesn’t make the same mistake twice, or else he could be looking for employment elsewhere.

Even more recently, Pat Healy’s loss is Bryan Caraway’s gain. Caraway will now be receiving the $65,000 submission of the night award from UFC 159 according to Dana White via Twitter:

“It’s known up front that checks are held until everyone passes the drug test. Brian Caraway get the SON now. Healy did himself dirty”