Wanderlei Silva Is Out For Blood


The UFC is heavily invested in pitting Wanderlei Silva against Chael Sonnen. These two have constantly thrown verbal jabs at each other since Chael started bashing Silva’s home country of Brazil. These two fighters are extremely popular with MMA fans, but won’t be competing for a UFC title anytime soon.

On UFC Tonight Ariel Helwani announced to Chael Sonnen what Silva’s plans are, and if a bout between them is something that still intrigues him, even though Wanderlei didn’t respond within 24 hours of his challenge. Wanderlei did reply  (just not in the 24 hours) saying this:

“Jon Jones and Anderson Silva have been too nice to Chael. I want to suck his blood. I want to smell it. Not just fight, not just fight. I want to hurt him. Chael is a joke, man. He is going to be second forever. He is never going to be first.”

Chael had no problem providing an interesting rebuttal to Silva’s comments:

“I think the real news there is that Wanderlei Silva actually put together a coherent sentence that somebody actually understood, but, I can assure you Wanderlei, I will not be signing a contract for you to suck on any part of me. I suggest you go to a bathe and find yourself.”

It looks like we might have a fight on our hands if Sonnen can keep the heat on Silva. Who would come out on top in this potential match up?