Urijah Faber Wants The Fights That Count


Urijah Faber is one of the most well known lighter weight fighters on the planet: he has his own clothing line and he’s one of the owners for Team Alpha Male. It seems like he’s done it all in the UFC, except win gold. He’s competed twice for the belt against different competitors, but ultimately failing each time.

Faber has gotten to the point where he’s more focused on competing in the biggest fights in his career then trying to win a title belt. He recently discussed with The New York Post his thoughts about fantasy fights:

“I’m in a weird spot in the sport being one of the biggest names in the lighter weight division, but not having a bunch of guys with big names to fight. When it comes to the big fights, they’re not necessarily for the belt for me. Barao is still not the biggest fight for me. It’s kind of a weird predicament. I want to do the ones that count, the ones that people care about. Someone else that has a big fan base.”

He does make plenty of sense, there aren’t too many big fights in the bantamweight division. They are still trying to get established, and that takes time. If he was willing to move up to featherweight, bouts with Frankie Edgar and Clay Guida would great fights for his career.

What is next for the California Kid remains to be seen, but it looks like his time in the octagon is nowhere near coming to a close.