Will The UFC Heavyweight Title Picture Be All Rematches?


The heavyweight division has always been considered of the least stacked divisions in the UFC and it seems that lately the division has revolved around rematches.

Cain Velasquez is defending his title against Antonio “Big Foot” Silva in a rematch at UFC 160. This fight is literally a rematch that nobody is asking for. Their first bout was extremely one-sided, what makes us think that this fight will be any different?

Also on the card is Junior Dos Santos vs Mark Hunt. If Dos Santos comes away with the victory, he has earned a shot at Cain Velasquez. That right there would be a rubber match: both competitor’s only loss in their time in the UFC is to each other.

There’s nothing wrong with rematches every once in a while. There just seems to be a lot of rematches in the heavyweight division lately. Let’s hope that the division can figure itself out, so we can see fresh match-ups for the UFC Heavyweight title.