Tim Sylvia Will Not Be Joining UFC Anytime Soon


When Tim Sylvia decides to hang up his gloves, he will forever be known as a mediocre fighter who won the heavyweight championship in the UFC during a time when the weight class was at its worst.

When Tim Sylvia was champion, he defended the title against the likes of Gan McGee and Andrei Arlovski. Tim Sylvia was able to win the title on two different occasions. Winning the belt once is valid enough to move you in the the UFC hall of fame consideration. Unfortunately for Tim, he left a bad taste in Zuffa’s mouth during his stint in the octagon.

The UFC tried to renew a contract with Sylvia back in 2008. Instead of taking the offer, he decided to head over to Affliction to take on Fedor Emeliananko and try to beat the best heavyweight in the world, which didn’t quite work out for him-he was demolished by Fedor. If that wasn’t bad enough, he then decided to fight a 50 year old boxer in Ray Mercer, he was knocked out in only 9 seconds!

There is no way the UFC wants to market a fighter who ditched them to go to another organization that ended up going under, and also losing to a boxer who should have been retired.

If Tim wants to continue to compete in MMA, then no one is going to stop him. But, if he thinks he will end his career in the UFC, then he’s in for a big surprise.

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