Is Josh Barnett Octagon Bound A Good Idea?


Josh Barnett has been a mainstay in mixed martial arts for years now. He’s always been consistently in the top ten of the heavyweight division. Now he’s looking for a place to call home. He has successfully fulfilled his obligations with Strikeforce and has been trying free agency as of late. But, it looks like we wants to go back to the Octagon.

Josh Barnett is a former UFC heavyweight champion in his own right. The only issue is that he was stripped of his title for testing positive for steroids at UFC 36. This would not be the last time we was caught for steroids either.

He was scheduled to compete against Fedor Emelianko at the third Affliction event,  but tested positive during a random drug testing a few days before the event. The overall event was cancelled and Affliction never held another fight card after this massive blow up.

The UFC would need to make sure that Josh doesn’t make this mistake again. It would be a huge slap in the face for Zuffa if they brought him back and he tests positive again.

Barnett’s recent actions suggest he is a changed man and is ready to compete with the best. Once he signs on the dotted line, the match-ups are endless.