Did Nate Diaz Make Weight For UFC on Fox 7 Bout?


It looks like the animosity between Nate Diaz and Josh Thomson isn’t going anywhere. Both fighters recently went to BJPenn.com’s podcast and bashed each other. Nate stated that Josh makes “Women’s noises” during his fights, but Thomson’s statement towards Diaz was a little more serious. Josh claimed that Diaz didn’t make weight for their respective bout at UFC on Fox 7.

Watching the weigh-in video, you notice some controversy when Diaz is being weighed. He comes initially at 157. Then he takes his shorts off and miraculously weighs 156. You can see that the commission, Dana White, and Joe Rogan are going back and forth before they announce Diaz’s weight of 156.

A similar situation took place during the weigh-ins for UFC 158 covered in our article, Controversial UFC 158 Weigh In Video Returns To Youtube.

If it’s true that Diaz missed weight, then this could point to a scandal that has been occurring more frequently in the UFC- it needs to stop. If a fighter comes in weighing more than their opponent, Its generally accepted that the person who missed weight should forfeit 20 percent of their purse. If a fighter isn’t a big draw for the UFC, then they would have to abide by those rules. There should be no favoritism, or selective enforcement.

The sport starts to lose integrity when you don’t hold fighters to the same set of rules and standards.  It doesn’t matter if its George St. Pierre or a fighter making their UFC debut: if a fighter misses weight a catch weight bout should then take place, or the fight needs to be rescheduled when both fighters can make weight.

We have the weigh-in video for you to see for yourself. Starting at the 26 minute mark you can see what transpires when Diaz makes weight.