Fear Is What Motivates Georges St. Pierre


Georges St. Pierre is the current UFC welterweight champion. According to Dana White, he is the top draw of the sport and he also happens to be one of the most popular fighters of all time with millions of fans. What motivates him when he makes the walk to the octagon? Fear. Nothing but fear.

“I’m scared. Before a fight, I doubt about myself. I’m scared. I try to be confident, but deep down inside, I’m afraid. I’m afraid to get knocked out, afraid to get humiliated, afraid to have done all that work and put all that effort for nothing, and not be as good as people expect me to be. That’s why I’m afraid.It’s not really being afraid of my opponent. I’m afraid of not performing the best as I should. And I think it’s the same fear that keep me sharp, keep my reaction time better, and make me perform better.”

It’s interesting that a man of St. Pierre’s stature is so concerned about failing. He hasn’t lost a fight in seven years, however, he also hasn’t finished any of his last 6 opponents. He is constantly going to the judges for their decision instead of finishing the fight decisively.

Maybe what makes Georges St. Pierre consistent is his ability to transform his fear using the techniques mentioned one of our previous articles, How MMA Fighters Transform Fear: Scripting.