Chuck Liddell Wants To See More Finishes


Chuck Liddell left an amazing legacy in the UFC. Never being a “point” fighter and always looking for the knock out. He defeated the likes of Randy Couture, Tito Ortiz and Wanderlei Silva during his time in the octagon.

He was also able to win the UFC Light Heavyweight title and defend it four consecutive time before being defeated by Quinton “Rampage” Jackson at UFC 71.

He spoke with U-T San Diego about his thoughts on point fighters:

“I’d really have to talk to the guys to see if that’s really what they’re doing. I see it like guys are trying a lot more to just get their win so they can get their next fight. When we were doing it, it was a lot more about just going out and fighting. I hate hearing in a UFC corner ‘you won the first four rounds, just stay away from him this round.’ The guy doesn’t have a knockout punch, hasn’t taken you down the whole fight, why do you have to go be afraid of him? Go out and win! Make it exciting, go knock him out, finish the fight.”

Chuck makes a valid point. Fans come to see the knock out or the submission. They don’t want to watch 3 or 5 rounds of a fighter just laying on top of another one.

Hopefully these point fighters listen to what the hall-of-famer, Chuck Lidell,  has to say about starting to go for the knockout and not just coast through the fight.