Tyson Fury Wants Big Money For Velasquez Bout


    Tyson Fury is a heavyweight boxer who has recently been calling out UFC Heavyweight champion, Cain Velasquez. He said the only way that he would fight Velasquez is if he would get a hefty pay day in return.

    He discussed with MMAjunkie his thoughts on this potential bout:

    “I’m definitely interested, but the money would have to be right. I am [100-percent] up for a fight with [Velasquez]. I’ve challenged him to a fight three times but he’s a little boy who doesn’t want to fight and has said ‘No’ to the fight live on television.”

    The problem is that we’ve already witnessed what happens to a pure boxer when they step inside the octagon. James Toney had the same philosophy when we challenged Randy Couture to a bout at UFC 118 in Boston, MA.

    Do we really want to witness the same result again?