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Workout Wednesday How-To: Kick And Knee


It’s Hump Day and just in time for another How-To Video to get you’re workout on!

This week Alex focuses on the proper way to do some devastating kicks and knees.

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  • Evan Stoumbelis

    First off I’ve said it before but Jamie’s tattoos are so sick lol. Second, your outdoor setup is awesome. Third, idk if any of you guys specialize in wrestling, but how-to’s on various takedown techniques would be cool.

    • I think you mean Alex haha!! THanks and yes we do we are just running through some of the basics for striking then we are transitioning over to grappling and wrestling. All in good time!!

      • Evan Stoumbelis

        Lol yeah I meant Alex, don’t you guys have a Jamie working for you too? If not idk where I got the name Jamie hahahah, but ohh I gotcha, awesome! Can’t wait.

        • Alex Briggs

          I think my tattoo might just be so awesome you forgot my name.

          • Evan Stoumbelis

            Yes! Exacly hahah! 🙂

  • Christopher Reza

    Did not know you used your shin to kick, definitely a common mistake.

    On another note, definitely agree your shoulder tattoo is rad! I also know that foot tattoo hurt like a mofo