Anderson Silva Never Got The Memo For Missed Media Tour


It was reported earlier this week that Anderson Silva never showed up to a media tour in Los Angeles, Ca making him have to shell out a $50,000.

After handing over the chunk of change Silva said it wasn’t on purpose that he wasn’t there, it was a “miscommunication.” He wouldn’t specify with who. He told a Brazilian media outlet he was unaware of any media obligations.

“I never missed any commitment to the UFC. I’d never plan a trip to Brazil if I knew I should be in Los Angeles. Everyone knows that I always lock my media schedule to devote myself to training, they are my priority. I am an athlete and my focus will always be to train and be prepared for the challenges.”

He seems to have recorded a video of his explanation on the situation during a drive where he’s throwing some dirty words to someone’s mother. Who knows if it will get released?