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Freaky Side Effects From Working Out


Some pretty freaky things can happen inside of your body during a work out, and we don’t mean injuries. Ghost pains, runny noses and confused brain signals can result from both high impact or even extreme exercise (over 90 minutes consecutively).  While the following side effects are not experienced by every person it is generally understood that exercise can impact immunity both positively (when done in moderation) or negatively (when taken to an extreme).

Runny Nose


While working out its not uncommon for your nose to start dripping. This could be caused by exercise-induced rhinitis. Basically, this is exercised induced allergies, whether you’re allergic to anything or not. Fortunately, this isn’t a serious issue that will cause you any harm. Nasal sprays and over the counter allergy medicine has been known to help with this. However, if you don’t want to take medication your exercise induced allergies should clear up once you stop exercising.

Red Face

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Having a red face during or shortly after your work out can be a strange sensation. It’s just your body’s way of cooling you down. Your face may turn red when oxygen rich blood rushes to the surface of your skin. This allows heat to escape and prevents you from overheating. A red face after your workout can also be your body’s way of flushing out the waste products carried from your muscles during your workout. While there isn’t necessarily a cure for this one, there are measures you can take to reduce symptoms (redness and body temperature). Staying Hydrated should help your body regulate body temperature and may help reduce the redness. It’s important to always be aware of your symptoms with this freaky side effect of working out so you don’t get heat stroke.

Itchy Legs


Itchy legs can be a strange thing to feel as you’re running. As your heart rate increases and your blood flows faster, tiny capillaries and arteries in your muscles expand causing the nearby nerves to send messages to the brain, which gets interpreted as itching. There is no immediate cure to itchy legs when working out as it is cause by lack of exercise. When you stop exercising regularly your capillaries are more prone to collapsing and not allowing enough blood to get through. Keeping up with regular exercise will make your itchy legs disappear in time. The next time your legs itch while you’re working out don’t panic, there isn’t a spider on your leg.

Numb Feet


This one mostly occurs when you’re running with shoes on. When you’re exercising your body temperature rises, add the impact from your feet hitting the ground and your feet start to swell. Chances are you tied your shoes before your feet started to swell and now they’re cutting off circulation to your feet. Having the proper size shoes on, retying your shoes and not wearing thick socks should help get rid of the numbness.

Cold Hives


When you’re working out your body temperature will rise after that any sudden change in temperature could make you break out into hives. Cold air or water can cause a histamine reaction in your body. These hives can last for a few seconds, minutes or even days. These hives occur as a result of dilated capillaries that allow fluid to flow out to the skin. A burning sensation can also accompany cold hives. Treatment for this freaky workout side effect is simple, warm up. The faster you can warm up the affected area and keep it warm, the faster the hives will go away. Hives in general can be pretty serious, so you should contact a health professional in the event of a serious reaction.