Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier Almost Fight At Awards Show


With the way things are going in the UFC, Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones will fight each other, but it looks like they weren’t willing to wait until then. After the world MMA awards show, they almost blew up on each other and had a main event worthy fight in the streets of Las Vegas.

One of Jon Jones’s sponsors, Todd Rexx-owner of TrauMMA combat apparel, was there that night. He discussed what happened during his appearance on MMA Roasted.

“So at that point Jon Jones and Malki Kawa are getting into a limo, and Daniel walked outside and grabbed Jon by the arm, and spun him around and was like, “Dude, you got f– problem with me?”
And I was like, “Oh my God.”
So they are facing off.
Jon said “Yo, I think that you, King Mo, and Rashad Evans, ya’ll full of yourselves.”
He just talked s– about Daniel. They were like in each other’s face.
Daniel was like, “Motherf– you don’t know anything about me. I’m a grown ass man. This all started when you claimed to be this wrestling aficionado, and when you met me, you didn’t know who I was. Motherf– you knew who I was. I knew every wrestler when I was coming up.”

Daniel Cormier has been campaigning for a fight with Jones for quite some time. Jon Jones feels that Cormier is still relatively unknown in the MMA world so he doesn’t think that he deserves a shot at his belt. If Cormier drops to light heavyweight it will only be a matter of time before they get to settle their differences.